Wednesday, May 23, 2012


to everybody who participated in or attended our annual Wonderful Woolies sale! I hope you had a fun day.
The little lambs have grown since then, and are fast approaching the time when they will be weaned from their mommies. The little ram boys will go to stay with the wethers (non-breeding fiber dudes), and eventually all the guys will be together. As for the girls, we’ll see how it goes. We may or may not need to separate them from the moms. We plan to have this all done well before Black Sheep Gathering in late June.
Yes, we will be showing lambs and yearlings at Black Sheep! They are a little younger for the show this year. We usually plan for January lambs. This year, they were born in March. We got a little behind last fall because of our travel plans. I hope this will not be a huge factor in the show ring. . . we’ll see. Every time we show, it’s a learning experience. We are relatively new at all this, and have been focused on fiber quality. But part of a healthy flock is having beasties with good body structure. We are working on that as well. Black Sheep Gathering is always a fun event - a great place to take classes, shop for treasures, and connect with fellow fiber fanatics & yarn farmers. The Spinner’s Lead is not to be missed! It’s in the evening, following the potluck dinner. It’s a fashion show, with the related fleece beast in tow. I participated with our ram, Elmer two years ago. This year, I’ll be walking with our yearling ewe, Olive, modeling a shawl (which is still in progress). . . .
I hope to get over to the Pavilion to watch the judge assess the vast display of fibers, but most of the time I will be in the sheep barn. I hope that if you’re there, you’ll stop by the Spinners Eden banner to say hello!