Monday, November 22, 2010

Stormy Day

On days like today (temps in the 20s, 45 mph sustained winds with 60 mph gusts, wind chill factor 8 degrees) I have so many things to be thankful for. The sheep are healthy & we have plenty of food stocked up for winter. The hay loft is full. We just bought another ton of alfalfa pellets & they're stacked in barn #1. We have running water, even during freezing weather, to both barns. The prevailing winds are coming from the northeast. That's where most of the really bad storms come from. The animals' doors to the stalls in barn #1 (ewes and wethers) are on the south side of the barn, as is the loafing (covered) area. The rams' loafing area is also on the south side of barn #2. So all are well-fed, with adequate water, and all can easily take shelter from the cold & wind. And they will be safe from pretty much anything, save the occasional neighbor's trampoline which has ended up in our pasture, in pieces.

That leaves me and the dog & the cat in the house, warm and safe. Doug is on call tonight, at work until 8 a.m. tomorrow. So far we have power, and all have been fed. Aside from Shaela's anxiety-provoked panting, and Angus' desire to pee outside & not in his cat box, but reluctance to go outside to take care of business, and inability to comprehend that I, the Supreme Being, am unable to change the weather if he were to exit via a different door, we are doing well. The barbecue has blown down the back stairs, but since it is already on the ground, it won't fall down now, so I'm leaving it there. I've turned off the gas supply to it, and at least now I know I don't have to worry about it hurling itself through the back door.

I think I'll spend the night spinning. Cup of tea. And early to bed. Maybe it'll be over when I wake up.

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